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    • CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is a 100% pure nature’s ingredient!
    • A smooth, creamy, all-purpose cooking oil!
    • Perfect to be used in place of other oils, margarine, butter, shortening and for all cooking and baking need. Contrary to margarine etc. when cook with our coconut oil you only require about ¾ of the usual amount of fat, as it contains no water.
    • An alternative for people with allergy to milk
    • Can be used for skin and hair.
    • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Pasta:
    De Cecco, the one and only pasta. Since 1886 De Cecco pasta is bronze drawn and slowly dried and thus De Cecco pasta falls into the plate full of taste, rough and always ‘al dente”.

    • SPAGHETTI N°12
    • FUSILLI N°34
    • LINGUINE N°7
    • RIGATONI N°24
    • RISO N°74


    A great Chef’s ready made pasta sauces with enhanced taste and quality.

    • Sugo alla Napolitana
    • Sugo all’ Arrabbiata
    • Sugo alla Ciciliana
    • Sugo alla Bolognese
    • Pesto alla Genovese

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  • All Eat Natural bars are made with love and care, in small batches, from the very best, simple ingredients…stuff sourced from like-minded growers around the world, who believe, like us, that real taste comes naturally. And importantly, we use no artificial flavours or colours and no preservatives. All our bars can be enjoyed by vegetarians and are gluten free.


    • Almond & Apricot Yogurt Coated.
    • Brazil & Sultana with Peanuts and Almond
    • Cranberry & Macadamia Dark Chocolate
    • Dark 70% Chocolate Brazils and Apricots
    • Cashews & Blueberries with Yogurt Coated
    • Protein Packed with Peanuts and Chocolate
    • High Omega-3 Chocolate Chunks, Peanuts
    • Extra Protein Maple Syrop, Pecans & Peanuts

    Our crisp, crunchy toasted cereals are packed with all the delicious bits and bobs you’ve come to expect from our bars – fruits, nuts, seeds, cereals …everything you could possibly want for a perfectly indulgent breakfast. Two of our recipes are even gluten free. Starting your day the right way couldn’t be simpler.


    • Crisp crunchy toasted breakfast cereals with Nuts & Seeds.
    • Toasted muesli with buckwheat (gluten free).
    • Toasted muesli with vine fruit (gluten free).
    • Crisp crunchy toasted breakfast cereals with Almonds & Apricot.
    • Super granola protein packed with almonds, seeds & honey.
    • Super granola buckwheat, seeds & honey

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  • Chocolate

    • Cooking chocolate
    • Fondue


    • Fruit Mix Bonbons
    • Cherry Cerise Bonbons

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  • HERSHEY'S COOKIES 'N'CRÈME – A unique twist on a classic with cookies in every bite.

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  • Kara Coco coconut water

    • Kara 100% coconut water contains water from handpicked fresh coconut which is a natural source of essential electrolytes ideal for hydration.
    • No Flavoring, Colouring & Preservative
    • Fat, Cholesterol & Gluten Free
    • 19 calories per 100ml
    • Suitable for all, especially during the summer months when the body needs instant hydration.
  • Kinder Surprise – A combination of delicious chocolate and the exciting surprise toy that can be found inside it. Made with Kinder Chocolate’s secret recipe of “more milk and less cocoa” tasty milk chocolate on the outside and a lining of milky cream on the inside.

    Kinder Joy – In one egg, there is a delicious dose of double milk hazelnut cream with two crunchy little cocoa balls and one magnificent surprise.

    Kinder Chocolate – Filled with milky goodness, light on the cocoa.

    Kinder Bueno – A delicate snack bar made with delicious milk chocolate covering a crispy wafer filled with a delectable hazelnut cream and decorated with a dark chocolate drizzle.

    Kinder Bueno White – A thin, crispy wafer filled with delicious hazelnut cream, then coated in luscious white chocolate

    Kinder Country – Light and crispy puffed rice with a creamy milk filling, coated by delicious Kinder milk chocolate.

    Kinder Delice – A delicious soft cake snack covered with chocolate and has a white cream filling inside.

    Kinder Happy Hippo Cocoa – A thick layer of rich Hazelnut Cream on the bottom and a thick layer of lush Milk Cream and Cocoa cream on the top fills the inside of this Hippo-shaped crunchy wafer cookie. A sprinkling of Meringue Chips covers the bottom and sides of this tasty confection.

    Kinder Happy Hippo Nocciola – Kinder Happy Hippo is a delicious cookie-wafer bar with creamy milk and nut filling.

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    Kinder Galaktofeta – Sponge cake with a milky filling  and Kinder Pingui – Fine chocolate covered sponge cake with milky filling.

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  • KOKO Dairy free is a unique, great tasting, dairy free alternatives to milk. It is made from freshly pressed coconut milk, naturally free of lactose, cow’s milk protein, soya and gluten. It is ideal for anyone with lactose, cow’s milk protein, soya or gluten intolerance.
    Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and coeliacs, cholesterol free and with calcium and fat levels matched to semi-skimmed milk.
    Versatile to use as drinks and in cooking.

    Nut free & packed in a nut-free environment. Coconuts are a fruit, not a nut.

    • KOKO Dairy Free
    • KOKO Dairy Free with chocolate
    • KOKO Dairy Free with strawberry
    • KOKO Dairy Free Unsweetened + Calcium

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  • Can be used to replace conventional dairy butter or spreads on bread or toast. It can also be used with potatoes and vegetables, and in baking cakes, scones, muffins or bread making. It is 100% dairy free, allergen free, suitable for anyone with dairy protein allergy, lactose intolerance, vegetarians, vegans, coeliacs, or wanting to reduce consumption of dairy products. Contains less than half the saturates of butter, medium chain fatty acids, Lauric acid Vitamin A, B12, D2 and E.

  • KOKO Yoghurts are Dairy Free and Allergen Free, made with freshly pressed coconut cream for a silky creamy texture and fermented with live dairy free yoghurt cultures for a real taste of yoghurt.

    In 5 different flavours all made with perfectly ripe fruit.


    Coconut & Lemon

    Peach & Passion fruit



  • Granola, breakfast cereal made of especially rolled oats

    • Low sugar granola
    • Original
    • Treacle & Pecan
    • Belgian Chocolate
    • Mango & Macadamia
    • Passion Fruit Pistachio
    • Gluten Free Granola
    • High Protein Granola
    • Adventures Banana Granola
    • Adventures Strawberry Granola

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  • No sugar added chocolates

    • Madagascar Bitter chocolate
    • Madagascar Milk Chocolate

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  • Oat cakes
    The Scottish oatcakes are made from only the best oats, with no added sugar or stimulants, and contain only a simple ingredients list with no artificial ingredients so they are a great, natural way to get the energy you need to make the most of your day. Can be combined with different toppings.

    • Fine milled oatcakes.
    • Rough oatcakes.
    • Organic rough oatcakes.
    • Oat crackers thins.
    • Super seeded organic oatcakes
    • Fruit & seed oatcakes on the go

    Tasty, wholesome oat biscuits bursting with natural flavor. They contain no artificial colours or flavours, and full of the goodness of wholegrain Scottish oats. They are perfect little treats to accompany a cup of tea or coffee. Packed in handy pouch packs, easy to pop in your bag for on the go, or keep in your desk at work.

    • Fruit & spice Oat Biscuits.
    • Stem Ginger Oat Biscuits.
    • Mixed berries Oat Biscuits.
    • Dark chocolate chip Oat Biscuits.

    Gluten free range:

    Oat cakes

    • Nairn’s gluten free oatcakes.
    • Nairn’s gluten free wholegrain crackers.


    • Nairn’s gluten free biscuit breaks oats & syrup.
    • Nairn’s gluten free biscuit breaks oats & fruit.
    • Nairn’s gluten free biscuit breaks chocolate chip.
    • Nairn’s gluten free biscuits oats & ginger.


    • Nairn’s gluten free porridge.

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  • Nakd bars are made from raw fruits and nuts ‘smooshed’ together. Containing 100% natural ingredients with no added sugars or syrups, these bars are also wheat, dairy and gluten free, and bursting with yummy goodness. With a soft, chewy texture they fill you up till your next meal and most count towards 1 of your 5 a day too. Ideal for lunchboxes, grabbing on the go and refuelling between meals! Suitable for vegans.

    • Strawberry Crunch
    • Banana Crunch
    • Cocoa Delight
    • Cocoa Orange
    • Cashew Cookie
    • Blueberry Muffin
    • Peanut Delight
    • Lemon Drizzle

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  • Nutella – Spread made carefully with selected hazelnuts, skimmed milk and a hint of delicious cocoa.

    Nutella & Go – Snack of hazelnut spread and malted breadsticks.

    Nutella B-ready – Snack of smooth hazelnut spread and a crunchy, slightly savoury wafer.

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  • Oatly is a nutritional alternative to cow’s milk made from oats.

    Oatly products are loaded with a nutritional balance (protein, carbs, fibres and healthy fat in a balanced dose of each). Can also be used whenever you would use milk from cows—chilled in a glass, for cooking or baking—in exactly the same amounts.

    Free from lactose, milk protein and soya. No GMO’s.

    • Oatly Oat Drink Enriched
    • Oatly Oat Drink Organic
    • Oatly Oat Drink Chocolate
    • Oatly Organic Creamy Oat

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  • Pralines:

    Ferrero Rocher – Chocolate with a delicious cream filling, a crisp wafer and inside it all, an exquisite hazelnut
    Raffaello – A whole white almond surrounded by a smooth creamy filling and enclosed in a crispy shell, covered in flakes of coconut.

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  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are a milk chocolate cup confection made of chocolate-coated peanut butter marketed by The Hershey Company that pioneered the way to the generic peanut butter cup.


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  • Scheckter’s organic Energy drink is a 100% natural, organic energy drink that tastes great and gives you a sustained mental and physical energy boost.
    To do this we sourced the highest quality organic ingredients and never use any artificial colours, artificial flavours or artificial preservatives.
    Scheckter’s Organic Energy (both the Original and LITE variants) contains 80mg of caffeine.
    Scheckter’s Organic Energy Original contains raw cane sugar and green tea traded to Fairtrade Standards.
    Scheckter’s LITE offers the same benefits of Scheckter’s Original but contains Agave nectar which has a lower GI than raw cane sugar which also means 30% less calories than Scheckter’s Original.

    • Lite
    • Original

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